Why Should Student Results Rated ?

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Why Should Student Results Rated ?

  1. Students are entitled to immediately know how far they master the competencies that have been specified . Tell us as soon as possible to the learning outcomes of their students .
  2. Should not only use the results of the written test the student's ability to conclude . Perhaps , students have a greater ability than that indicated by the test results . Use appropriate assessment methods and varied , such as performance assessment , systematic observation , portfolio assessment , and so on , so as to illustrate the ability of the students as a whole .
  3. In addition to assessing the ability of the student , using the results of tests to evaluate the effectiveness of learning and identify the parts of the material that students still need help or remedial . Keep in mind , the test results are not used to prosecute , convict , or embarrass students .
  4. Should not be told the students about their failures without memberitahukanya where and how they can improve or get help to fix .
  5. Encourage students to express their learning experiences , also reveal what they know already and not yet. This is a good way for students to express their feelings , express their creativity , and practice writing skills.

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How to Respect Our Students

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  1. Teachers and students are two different beings.
  2.  Teacher gives knowledge , while students gain knowledge . Learning in order to be successful , teachers must respect students and Siwa are obliged to respect the teacher .
  3. Students appreciate and understand if you want to be appreciated , respected , and understood by them .
  4. Do not hesitate and delay to give praise or prizes to students as a proportion of their achievements . Give reprimand or punishment to educate the less appropriate behavior . Thumbs up , nod of the head , eyes , or be able to express your greeting .
  5. Seimbangkanlah between praise and criticize the students . Praise students publicly but criticize them individually . Avoid giving excessive compliments . Students need more honest feedback and realistic .
  6. Soon forget the mistakes and failures of students . Forgive them , avoiding students sentenced by the same mistakes they did . Good teachers always give another chance for students who have not been successful .
  7. Be realistic and thoughtful towards homework you give to students .
  8. Avoid giving excessive homework . Students who have other personal activities also pentimg : worship , exercise , hobbies , and other family activities .

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Using the Medium of Learning

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  1. There are times when such abstract concepts or materials for students . Make it visual or concrete using the appropriate media .
  2. The kindness of a medium of learning is not in compliance with its sophistication but rather on competence learning methods and material characteristics of the students .
  3. Simple concrete objects in the classroom or that can be found in the surrounding environment may be more effective to learn a concept . But indeed there are certain concepts that the complex will be more easily understood if you use certain computer programs that advanced .
  4. If you are going to use Over Hesd Projector ( OHP ) , prepare beforehand transparency with clear text or images . Put first before OHP transparency turned on . Adjust the focus and read the writing on the transparency . Turn off if it will replace the OHP transparencies or when to give a long explanation .
  5. Before you start learning , make sure that the white board in a clean state . Write down the things that are important to clearly and neatly .
  6. If the blackboard is too wide , divide into two parts . Start writing from the upper left and get on to the right . Occasionally walk to the back of the class to ensure that your writing can be read all students . Make sure the whiteboard is clean before you leave class .
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Student's Learning Style and Type

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  1. Every student has their own learning style and type . Use instructional methods in accordance with the competence , materials , student characteristics , and conditions of your class .
  2.  Way to memorize it is best to understand . Asking students to memorize without understanding is useless actions and may also be cruel .
  3. Learning is not in the input as the process of transfer of knowledge, but rather as an effort of teachers to help students build knowledge . Develop an atmosphere of learning that students may be able to construct their own knowledge .
  4. Apply familiarize students learning to solve problems , interpret the data , understand the issues , or express opinions with good reason . It is believed that such students can develop the skills to think logically and crisis .
  5. Perform learning that balances mental and physical activity of students .
  6. Perform a variety of learning activities . If you need to provide humor or educational games . Use a variety of learning resources in order to further enrich the learning experience of students .
  7. Provide emphasis on important concepts with little left when the sound intensity menyabutkanya , giving cues , provide illustrations , or to repeat it .
  8. Provide opportunities for students to digest your explanation by giving a pause or a moment of silence in between your explanation .
  9. The students sometimes silence is not a sign that they have understood the subject matter . Give a brief question or task to ensure that they are mastered .
  10. Do not expect students to do the work you give well , if you have never explained how to do it .
  11. The correct answer is obtained only from the right question . Ask questions with clear , precise , and not too long so that the young student understood .
  12. Provide questions or tasks to all students prior to appoint one student to answer or do . Do not forget , give the opportunity to students to think before they answer .
  13. Do not always ask or call students to perform tasks or answer questions based on the order in the order list of attendees or their seats . Ensure that all students are always ready to work on a task or answer your questions at any time .
  14. If the student does not immediately answer your questions , provide guiding questions , or re- phrase your question in a more simple sentences .
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